It's nice to meet you, I'm

John Coles.


About me.

I'm the Founder and Director of Vidius Productions. We specialise in video production for live and edited content and event technology solutions such as broadcast infrastructure, network infrastructure, temporary internet, and graphics systems. I've been streaming since I was at Highschool and started with parodies of popular shows in fantastic 360p.

Over the past 12 years, I've worked on Olympic Torch Relays, Council Meetings, esports tournaments, and a whole load more for clients such as Bury Council, Insomnia, Yogscast, and Ubisoft. I previously founded Digital Tree Media and led the acquisition and growth of CubeCraft Games into a global brand. In 2020 I left the company to focus more specifically on video and production technologies.

My skills and experience.

What I do.

Broadcast Design

I've designed a lot of onscreen content. From simple lower third graphics, tickers, graphs, to more complex explainer and dynamic data driven graphics.

System Design & Concept

Deciding what tools to use to achive a goal is a wonderful process. In the modern world there's so much choice from IP based audio and video to more traditional approaches. I love walking clients through the pros and cons.

System Integration

Making sure all the chosen systems work together coherently is as important as choosing the right systems. I have a wealth of exepereience in combing technologies and writing software to do so!

Mobile Apps

I've created custom interfaces for studio control, end user applications for voting and everything in between. I work using web technologies allowing rapid development and bringing cross platform compatability by default.

Camera Operation

While I don't get to jump behind a camera as much as I used to anymore having an appreciation for the ergonomics and requirements of a camera operator helps me in creating a holistic workflow that works for all members of the crew.

Interactive Experiences

It doesn't matter if it's just a simple Twitter wall, chat box or fully interactive Twitch Extension, I've had the pleasure of working on great projets for wonderful clients to involve their audience in the broadcast.